Kelly Kuntz is currently a property owner, an investor, a broker, and a real estate agency owner.  He was
featured on Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad home page as an example of what it means to be an entrepreneur,
father, and teacher of entrepreneurial investor principles.  But, how did he get to this point?

Kelly grew up in Southern California after his family emigrated from Canada.  Right out of high school, Kelly
had a head for business and worked hard to build a sales career.  He honed his skills selling cookware, but
would later take his love of free-enterprise, investments and sales and put them to their best use in Real
Estate.  He began selling Real Estate in 1989 in California and quickly became an award winning agent.  
Tough times lay ahead with recession and illness, but Kelly’s hard work ethic and entrepreneurial nature
kept him working for his dream of owning a flourishing business, or what he likes to joke as, “The Empire.”  

After the marriage of their only daughter, Kelly and his wife Carole, decided that the best living and business
opportunities were to be had in Las Vegas, Nevada.   Knowing almost no one and having no network of
contacts, Kelly was keenly aware of the uphill battle that lay ahead by going with a “traditional agency.”  
Therefore, he decided to investigate the Help-U-Sell model and has been a staunch supporter of it ever
since.  “I believe so strongly in the model’s ability to help agents survive and thrive in the real estate
business, and furthermore, I believe that discounts with quality service are the future in real estate.  I now
relish the opportunity to educate clients on the Help-U-Sell discount approach and watch the light bulb go on
as they realize that they can still get first-rate service, without the higher commissions many of my
competitors attempt to sell.”

Therefore, after helping to build the agency for three years, and acquiring a few investment properties, Kelly
decided that it was time to make agency ownership a reality.   He, of course, did this at what most would call
a very inopportune time in the Real Estate climate, just before the bubble burst.  Yet, through a tremendous
amount of hard work, his and those supporting him, a little re-inventing, and a few sleepless nights, Kelly is
proud to be selling and managing property through his agency when many of the “big dogs” have fallen by
the wayside.  Kelly is like many of us, a work in progress, but the progress seems inevitable when you mix
integrity, an excitement for what you do and a strong desire to help others achieve the American Dream.