Our Services:

Many of us have read the books telling us how to buy property to establish positive cash flow and improve
the quality of our lives.  But what comes next?  Now you’re an owner, does that mean that you should give
up the free time that you were trying to create by spending it managing your investments?   The realities of
maintaining and running a rental property can very quickly become overwhelming.  Hiring a property
manager can make all the difference in having investments that work for you rather than you working for
your properties.

Here is what we do so you don’t have to:

•        We collect and deposit your monthly rent payments on-time.

•        Our accounting is highly automated. We use a state of the art software for our company.  In addition
to paying property bills, each month you will receive a financial statement showing monies collected
and any disbursements that have been made. We can provide numerous reports with the touch of a

•        We keep you educated regarding competitive rental rates in the area of your property, thus   
maximizing your income potential.

•        We keep you aware of and in compliance with the local, state, and federal laws and regulations that
are in place regarding real estate and rental property.

•        We market your property both offline and on various websites, including our own site dedicated
entirely to the property management sector of our agency.

•        In screening tenants, we require each potential tenant to complete an application.  We then follow
up to verify their employment, rental history, and credit.  And we don’t stop there! We conduct a
home interview to ascertain how the prospective tenant is currently living. This tells us a great deal
about how the tenant will care for your property.

•        We conduct property inspections of your property both inside and out in addition to offering
tenants general preventative maintenance.  

•        We have established relationships with trusted and competitively priced maintenance workers,
tradesmen, vendors, suppliers and contractors.  Yes, it is hard to find good people, but that’s a big
part of our job.

•        Should it be necessary, we handle the messy details of evictions so that you don’t have to.

Help-U-Sell Integrity Real Estate offers complete property management services for residential and
commercial properties.  Please contact us via email or phone to get started today!  You can call us directly
at 702-432-7355 or go to our Contact Us page to email us.  Thank you.